La Juguetería Online - Tu boutique especializada en erotismo y sexualidad

Spanish and Southern European markets are always a bit of a guessing game for many International adult brands, with a very marked cultural style, varied lifestyle singularities and cultural barriers that other countries in Europe do not share, Mediterranean Europe is always an interesting and worth to explore territory for adult brands that wish to open up the most un-established and promising of European markets.

Whether it is year through marketing and development, seasonal touristic teasing or business infrastructure development, La Jugueteria’s team of professionals can be the ideal allies for your business plan in Mediterranean Europe.

With the most varied backgrounds, our team have been offering business development services, product improvement services and marketing and communication services for over a decade, having worked with many of the most important brands in the adult sector, with admirable results and excellent ongoing relationships with the most significant of players in our fast growing sector.

When ten years ago, La Juguetería erotic toys opened the very first erotic boutique in Spain, the social reaction to such innovative business plan was immediate, from national radio stations to prime time TV programmes, major newspapers to first line glossy magazines invited the three founders of La Juguetería to take part in their productions as the mission of La Juguetería was to educate and illustrate Spaniards in the arts of love and the Old School Spanish adult sector in a groundbreaking change in the consumption and use of intimate toys and accessories.

Over these ten years the agreements and achievements of our smart and hardworking crew have been many, from commercially directing some of the biggest brands in the sector, key European accounts and referential major players alike, inserting upcoming brand’s  related to sexual health and wellbeing in the pharmaceutical or beyond adult to highly promising new retailers. Working on some of the designs of the most innovative products in the sector and developing and collaborating with marketing plans and actions for many brands in and out adult, health, cosmetics and fashion.

Making tailored plans for all customers and with an equally realistic and ambitious approach to business proposals, La Juguetería B2B can be the assistant that you were wishing for if South Europe is a market of interest for you and you are searching for a close, confidential and ethical collaboration with the most ample know how of the new adult industry and general commercial and product based business.

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