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Whether it is year through marketing and development, seasonal touristic teasing or business infrastructure development, La Jugueteria’s team of professionals can be the ideal allies for your project management in Mediterranean Europe.


Having a plan is crucial. Having a strategic plan is smart. Knowing when you will be where, and what you will be saying, selling and how you will be doing it, is a necessary aspect of all brands, adult inclusive. The tighter your marketing plan is knit and the more precise it may be will make your brand stronger, more effective and overall less prone to expensive solution requiring.

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With more than ten years of passion for adult sector products, we can put our eyes, minds and experience at your service to make sure you product is delivering what it promises, ways to make product effectiveness match the markets needs and assuring all details of your product are up to their full potential.

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Day by day Adult is becoming a more business oriented sector in which intuitiveness ends up being costly and time consuming. Working on a firm but flexible commercial plan can save money, resources and time to many brands making the most out of all its actions, from product to customer care.

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How a brand is written can be how it is perceived. Beyond the regular corporative who’s and how’s, our editorial experience can bring in new aspects and values to the word behind your brand.


Workshops, conferences, master-classes, sales staff training focused on diverse topics such as sex positivity, pelvic floor exercising, introduction to anal play, masturbation, role play, BDSM, how to negotiate fantasies, erotic toys for beginners, playful sexuality for LBGT, and many many more options tailored to your needs…


PR is an aspect in which Adult Sector has often not worked beyond Trade PR. But engaging with media, press or potential customers can often only be achieved through PR actions and event panning and production.

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Buscamos para ti los mejores juguetes eróticos, los vibradores más sensuales, lencería sexy y toda la cosmética erótica que deseas para alcanzar la felicidad sexual.