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* Commercial plan development

Day by day Adult is becoming a more business oriented sector in which intuitiveness ends up being costly and time consuming. Working on a firm but flexible commercial plan can save money, resources and time to many brands making the most out of all its actions, from product to customer care. When you know where you are and when you will be going where, this plan will transmit a feeling of professionalism to your brand, making it even more reliable and trustworthy for both customers and buyers, but increasingly effective and productive for mother brand.


* General business development

Many adult brands have desires that they simply cannot achieve due to their lack of business development. Either if yours is an established brand or good or a newcomer in a fiercely competing sector, external analysis by experts in development can bring up business opportunities that perhaps the brand itself had never even identified. Where can future business be for you? Are you missing out on something? Can more be done beyond existing business? We propose an ample vision of where you can do more and better, allowing you to focus on the product and the production, the core strength of most manufacturers.


* Cross sector positioning

In a limited and constrained sector like ours, many are the times that business beyond adult is perceived as a true promise land. Reaching out to new retail positioning can be hard work and often troublesome and a guessing game for many brands. But knowing where you can be and what you can expect from testing new waters can be of huge interest and amazing results to many brands, products and manufacturers.


* Commercial and retail training and coordination

As adult progressively learns from more advanced or established sectors, it is clear that effective training is a core value for retail and commercial teams. But this can also work out as a costly action and of short time validity as adult sector has a general fast staff turnover. Having carried out training for both small and big players in and out of adult, our team can bring a new level of knowledge and interest towards your brand and goods in a multiple format training proposal, from video training to in store training, the more excitement and knowledge you bring to your retailers, the better they will sell, the more they will transmit of your brand values and the more effective your positioning and marketing will be.


* Key account evaluation and positioning

For premium adult brands, key accounts can be a crucial point towards numbers, ranging from sales to likes, to brand awareness. But relating to key accounts as to with regular ones, can mean an unexpected cold shoulder effect or unproductive positioning that brings much frustration to many brands. With past experience in mainstream and high end retail for intimate and wellbeing goods, we can bring a new level of equal relationship in your desired Class A retailers.


* Trade introduction and linking

For brands that do not have vast experience in territorial trade relations, traditional commercial lines can be the easy option that does not get you where you want to be or deliver the results you were expecting. Beyond distribution agreements and direct buyers, perhaps you are missing out on the value of relating to customers and retailers making the very best of all your commercial and marketing efforts. With extended relationships in the sector’s biggest providers, distributors and retailers alike, we can bring to you a better relationship weather it may be a distribution agreement, a better support on sales front or a closer relationship from retailer to brand without having to have local representatives or teams that cover vast territories in multi language and multi cultural territories as this often does not solve your problems in the most effective manner.

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