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* Marketing plan clinic

Having a plan is crucial. Having a strategic plan is smart. Knowing when you will be where, and what you will be saying, selling and how you will be doing it, is a necessary aspect of all brands, adult inclusive. The tighter your marketing plan is knit and the more precise it may be will make your brand stronger, more effective and overall less prone to expensive solution requiring.


* Communication plan clinic

With the inevitable media changes that have occurred in recent years, and with more and more press notes clogging in journalist and opinion leaders mail booth’s, traditional communication is not longer as easy and effective as desired. Without even knowing it and probably investing much time and money in communication, you may be needing a communication plan 2.0.


* Content-based marketing clinic

Content is a crucial aspect in which brands have an ongoing area to improve, as often the information flow from brand to communicator implies a journalist confusing amount of selling. We are specialist in developing an eye catching content that will bring attention to your brand or good without it being redirected to expensive advertising departments. Assuring to make yours a brand to be followed by opinion leaders and making brand and communicator relate in a whole new level, where what will be said, when and how will save you money and create a high level of engagement as a long lasting value to your future.


* Press and media positioning

In recent years, press and media positioning have defined the destiny of many great products and brands way beyond the aspirations or desires of the companies behind the brand. In a sector that is more and more updated in the marketing front, having the support of a media specialized company can mean a great difference to your brand and its goods, but the way media and press are approached and how the receive your ideal proposal can vary enormously the result of your desired positioning, changing hugely the perception of final media consumer. With a strong media background and great relationship with multi level media entities, we can make sure you are in a preferential position, with the correct message coming through and adding assertive aspects to your coverage to make sure it will have desired commercial and marketing effect.


* Packaging and PLV design and evaluation

Many are the details implied in a product’s or brand’s perception, packaging and PLV may vary greatly the impact and positioning of your product or brand towards its potential final end buyer and even consumer. PLV must equally achieve great results for the product, brand and retailer as shelf space and eye catching potential are crucial to assure the great product is also a great shelf player.

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