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* Product analysis for market potential measurement

Often a great product is not a great seller; this is regularly due to the fact of the product not being measured for results but for the manufacturer’s philosophy and ambitions. Knowing before hand the potential of your product as a consumable good can be highly revealing towards the commercial result of its deployment. A great product must be effectively positioned, priced and delivered to key players, opinion leaders and market alike so it can reach its full potential in a precise time spam, with the correct marketing investment and with a realistic timing towards its launch and shelf time availability.


* Packaging and PLV design and evaluation

Many are the details implied in a product’s or brand’s perception, packaging and PLV may vary greatly the impact and positioning of your product or brand towards its potential final end buyer and even consumer. PLV must equally achieve great results for the product, brand and retailer as shelf space and eye catching potential are crucial to assure the great product is also a great shelf player.


* Quality and extended life spam product evaluation

In a sector where the end consumer is rapidly becoming more knowledgeable than many manufacturers and retailers, knowing the key points of your product’s quality, the areas to improve in quality matters and an approximate of its life spam endurance are crucial to establish sustainable and long lasting values to the brand. In a sector where the relationship of the consumer towards the product are multi phased and time wise changing but also ongoing, the first date is not the only impression that counts, as the product must live up to the time and use, maintaining standards that will make loyalty towards the good and brand a crucial long term value.


* Base material evaluation

In all intimate goods, materials are a crucial aspect of the product and a key point where manufacturer and consumer often differ in a negative way. Knowing the appropriate components and materials your good must carry and making the best of their value to the good are a basic but very important aspect of your product development. Many components have great interest and value for the consumer and therefore are an exploitable aspect of the product itself, identifying the key aspects of your product composition or formulation can be most effective in both initial and final product adjustments.


* Quality certificates and institutional signature processing

As intimate sector approaches the mainstream market, goods ranging from cosmetic to gadget and specially when talking about health oriented goods, the product must stand up to it’s claims, be backed up by quality certificates and have the most ample possible institutional support. With past experience in quality and official certification, we can make sure you are covered in the most effective way possible to give confidence to your key buyers and final consumers alike. A crucial aspect when working with buyers that are very firm about their own value’s and quality levels.


* Catalogue development and planning for manufacturers

Brand’s diversification and planning is a crucial aspect of both a new brand and an established one. When you want to add to your existing product catalogue, doing it in a clever way can be a very important aspect of your product calendar in both short and long term and past success does not always mean the future is guaranteed. Often an external, objective but positively critical analysis can mean that your planning can be more effective and productive, we as consumers of goods and brands of the sector for practically a lifetime can bring revealing observations to your plan, goods and catalogue evolution.

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